sola and akito are children that are adopted by naxiro when he went to the fuduel era of japan and saved them from a demon rampage both thier parnets dived in order to protcet  them but were over powered  their village wer full of demon hunters tha thought to be the best until the incident

sola is the older of the two and is 7 years of age and prote4cts her baby brother from any harm even if it means her life. she is blind and deaf as well as mute from the start but she could reconized her parents from their unique smell of roses for they have a rose garden in front of their house. but even zsicne being adopted by naxiro he has taught her on how to sense things with the abilty he gave her using a sixth sense he also enhaunced her abilty to smell taste and feel after awhile she soon developed telepathy and also pshcokinesis. causing her to train as much as naxiro in order to gain more control over her new gift . strange how the voice u wuold hear from sola turns from what is suposed to be as a little girl is really a voice of a older version of her but sometimes when shy or nervous her voice turns back into  a little girls voice. after being around with naxiro for so long she began to question his love life more and more seeing her mind seemed to develop a teens way to look at men nd boys theough she constantly gets perverted she does wish to be with naxiro as mates as akito keeps sugesting due to his animal ways.

akito has the same gift as well being able to communitcate with telepathy but with random words instead of clear sentences he also unlike her older sister he can speak to animals in any species and is able to understand then and can change his odor for animals to know he means no harm letting em accept him as a friend very quickly